Tecno in Microsoft House

Microsoft chooses Tecno to present the new retail concept, which will be demonstrated to clients during Microsoft Digital Week, from 12 to 18 March at Microsoft House in Milan.

Tecno, which has always paid attention to the Internet of Things and is developing the io.T - the intelligence of Tecno project in collaboration with io.T Solutions, Teoresi and Ilevia, confirms on this occasion too its capacity to anticipate the requirements for new environments.

Inside the Microsoft House Briefing Room, visitors will be able to see Dina –Connecting Spaces in action, the platform developed to satisfy the many requirements of smart buildings with a single software solution.

Dina is a system capable of managing, monitoring and controlling automation, access control, booking meeting rooms and workstations with multi-vendor and multi-standard technologies using the best technologies, including open source, through a logic of interoperability.

The smart Tecno tables with which the room is furnished can recognise users and adapt the surrounding environment to their preferences. Tecno, which has blended design and innovation from its inception, involving all stages of design, is today the official partner of some of the biggest multinationals, such as BMW, Triumph, Unicredit and ING, providing furnishing for their headquarters and locations intended for interacting with the public.