Tecno launches aeris, the specific seating system for airports

From “non-places” destined solely for transit, airports haven transformed into multicultural, multifunctional hubs where people work, eat, make purchases, await and relax. The Aeris system, designed to make airports environments that are comfortable, flexible and adaptable to various types of user, permits linear, corner or back-to-back seating configurations, equipped with USB port to meet tech standards for widespread digital uptake.

The world is constantly becoming faster, more connected and global, and people are perpetually on the move, for professional reasons, out of necessity and for pleasure. With the global consolidation of low-cost flights, the segmentation of “work” travellers, creative nomadism, the spread of tourism to all classes and ages and the phenomenon of migration, airports today represent authentic social spaces where a diverse group of people spends a great deal of time.

And this is why Aeris from Tecno – with its elegant extruded aluminium bar allowing alignment of up to 5 seats and the option of adding tables and cantilever structures – can put itself at the service of waiting, but at the same time ensures optimal comfort and possibilities for relaxation. The seat, offered in four sizes as well as a chaise longue version, is made of integral skin polyurethane with internal steel structure. The armrests are available in two heights, to allow comfortable elbow support when next to the table or relaxing positioning for the chaise longue configuration. Grimshaw Architects, founded in 1980 by Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, and a recognised hi-tech pioneer, specialises precisely in designs for mobility and high-traffic locations. Tecno has already collaborated with the firm –with prestigious orders in all continents – in the extension to London Bridge Station, among the biggest and most important in the British capital.

As Giuliano Mosconi, Tecno chairman, states: “These collaborations are part of an ongoing relationship between Tecno and Grimshaw, a comprehensive contribution in which the company becomes a factory for the design and provides the architects with its own production know-how and technological innovation. Not only does Tecno offer technical solutions in the area of contract, actively intervening in architectural projects, it translates Grimshaw’s expertise in industrial design, producing a sophisticated product that results from thoroughgoing analysis of complex environments.”