Tecno opens in Warsaw

Tecno re-establishes itself as a design company, confirming its reach across on the international market. In the new premises in Warsaw, the company provides a space designed to welcome customers wishing to deal with a team of professionals, architects, developers, contractors capable of accommodating their most diverse requirements. A project that fascinates and involves the team at Tecno, a company which has built its core business and production activity around the world of work, and which continues to do so, calibrating its offering according to an evolution that corresponds fully to the needs of a market of constantly-evolving professions.

The strengths of Poland are most of all the size of the domestic market, the logistics, and the possibility of gaining access to public funding. It constitutes a natural bridge between Western Europe and the Eastern markets, and Tecno has been able to make the most of the values of this ambitious country, which continues to support production investments with its government resources, through specific initiatives and funds for innovation.