Agbar Tower

With a strategy oriented to the completion of an entire project, more than offering single products, Tecno studied and produced all the internal cabinets for Jean Nouvel’s and b720’s Agbar Tower.

35 floors, 142 metres of height, concrete core, steel and glass frame and 4000 windows placed irregularly over the external façade. Surfaces painted in forty different tones, with varying intensity and luminosity according to the time of the day and seasons. The themes of light and colour appear again in the lifts that gradually change with the movement. The plan of the building is not circular but consists of four curves with different rays.

From the 18th floor, the elevation is also curved, following the lines of the Tower’s external façade with an inclination that increases towards the upper floors of the building. In 2004, Tecno, competing with other two internationally famous companies, won the tender to complete the totally tailor-made project for the internal cabinets of Agbar Tower. A constructive restriction appeared immediately: covering the internal walls of the building with cabinets perfectly matching the position of full and empty parts in the external walls.

Tecno, with a big experience in tailor-made offers, overcame the planning difficulties by creating cabinets with a high degree of engineering and industrial components. Important in enhancing the aesthetic value of the cabinets is the use of extremely precious materials: steel plate abutments (metal-silver painted), wooden structural surfaces (metal-silver painted), and internal shelves in tempered transparent glass. Doors are in acid-treated tempered glass with frames in sanded polycarbonate. For Torre Agbar Tecno used and interpretated the design language, considering fundamental the attention to products and details.


Agbar, Aguas de Barcelona

Client’s activity
Società acqua potabile

Jean Nouvel b720 Arquitectos

Internal Design
Jean Nouvel
Garcìa Ventosa arquitectura

Main Contractor
Layetana Group


142 meter high tower. 35 floors

Armadiature interne su misura Tecno spa 

3.500 units