BMW Dealership

Sales area, acceptance, lounge and delivery, reception counters, service and spare parts and bar furniture;within the network of Italian dealerships, rigour, sobriety and rational organisation of space are a natural fit for the elegant austerity of the German brand BMW.

The furnishings are made of composite materials and dividing panels in natural veneered wood having a warm character and that leave their distinctive mark in the space they decorate. The essentiality of the sign combined with the quality of the materials make the area comfortable and welcoming as well as pleasant to the eye.

Overstepping the boundaries of sector has been in the DNA of design from its outset. The padded seating industry itself – Tecno is one example – owes much to applications from the automotive world.  It’s no coincidence that paths cross again in history and one of the most important automotive companies in the world, BMW, asked Tecno thanks to Ar.Ve - Centro tecno Verona - to fit out its entire Italian dealerships network, which now has about 110 stores.

The partnership with BMW follows along the lines of the 1998 project, as part of which Tecno was hired to furnish the Headquarters in Milan, as well as the office branch in Rome and the entire Italian distribution network.



2015 - 2017