Common Grounds

In partnership with Common Grounds collective spaces, flexible offices and co-working areas spread in United States.

CG builds and manages coworking facilities and it is not by chance that its business success is based on mutable space-planning made possible by the extremely flexible W80 partition. The immediate turn-over of occupation with minimal time planning brought to create bespoke spaces with the possibility to reconfigure interiors quickly with the main goal of organising areas and functions on the base of real needs.

Extremely easy to assemble and disassemble for subsequent layout reconfigurations, W80 can be fitted with panels in a broad variety of materials. Common Grounds image sees black metal profiles matched with half glass and half black panel walls with an extreme industrial feeling and the best electricity management inside the partition wall serving all the rooms.

Some branches have already been realised – namely in San Josè, Long Beach, Denver, Carlsbad – and many others are currently under way, relying on the know-how of Tecno, with whom Common Grounds has entered into an exclusive rights contract.

United States

Common Grounds