An unconventional seat that creates a private space inside diffuse environments.


Not an armchair but a room within a room: an individual area in which to isolate oneself, read, listen to music, make a phone call or relax. A flexible and adaptable product performs several functions depending on the context, ideal for work environments, public lounges, reception areas and lobbies.

Pax is a pedestal cocoon armchair with an automatic return mechanism. Frame and cushions are available in a wide variety of colors and upholstery options.



The “room within a room”

Pax is not simply an armchair. Indeed, it is a room inside a room, a private place to isolate yourself, to read, listen to music, make a call or relax, but at the same time, the 360° swivel mechanism on the pedestal allows it to liaise with its surroundings. The curved shell creates a calm and collected atmosphere, creating micro-oases which insulate from outside noise while generating a cozy dimension.


The iconic globe

Based on the pure shape of a globe, Pax reinterprets the iconic Ball Chair designed in 1963 by Eero Aarnio. Indeed, David Rockwell’s objective was to reinterpret the concept of one of the most famous and popular classic creations of Finnish design, modernizing the project entirely in keeping with the digital era.