Northern Trust

Headquartered in Chicago, the Northern Trust Corporation is an international financial service company that serves major public, corporate and private investors: one of the oldest banking institutions in business and one of the biggest in the United States.

Inside these large premises, the business values such as flexibility and dynamism are conveyed through the use of Tecno partitions which pace the large office spaces that are distributed across approximately 45,000 square metres over 17 storeys at 333 South Wabash, translating the characteristics of reconfigurability and innovation in the layout of the interiors. 

The most important meeting rooms are equipped with the W80 partition with double-laminated glazing, offering unbeatable privacy combined with extensive personalisation options. The layouts and pathways through the various floors have been configured with WL partitions, which offer excellent acoustic performance for a single-glazed partition, along with discretion and easy reconfiguration for both corridors and office spaces.

The result of this shared design project conducted together with the team at HED Design is a setting that fosters cultural exchanges and new staff conduct building a prototype for new interiors solutions.


Northern Trust 

Project by
HED Design