High-quality and versatile collection of different solutions for as many scenarios, from glass to solid walls. 


A light, easy and versatile solution with excellent acoustic performance and elegant aesthetics. The range of solutions, from glazed to solid partitions, makes it possible to design diversified and punctual environments answering the various types of work, from working to executive areas, improving quality and aesthetic image of the interior design. 

WL is a collection of partition walls with different metal profiles, each one chosen to meet specific functional needs: single glazed wall, double glazed wall and solid partition. The latter can be equipped with shelves and wall units or work as partial cladding of glazed panes, making them freely equipable and creating areas of privacy.




The possibility to have solid areas on glass partitions wall creates unique aesthetic and functional solutions suiting perfectly in spaces which requires both natural lights together with the acoustic performances and the visual privacy of a solid wall composition.