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Tecno takes a stand in every form of expression of the design project, creating a rich repertoire of "things" that have not just been devised, invented, designed and made, but also told in respect to what they do in the world. An unbridled need to narrate its wealth of expertise.



In a hyper-digitalised world, which is changing rapidly and where innovation and thinking out-of-the-box have become crucial, Tecno equips workplaces where the physical space and the digital space find new forms of dialogue, being the first to introduce the Internet of things within office furnishings.

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Tecno for Vatican Chapels

This is the first time in history that Vatican City will attend the Biennale di Architettura di Venezia with its own pavilion, “Vatican Chapels”.

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Tecno conference cycle: The Project

For more than sixty years, Tecno has been engaged in achieving projects for the biggest architecture firms, transforming a design on paper into micro-architectures or actual finished and engineered physical products.

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Tecno: The Project

Tecno's spirit when achieving major accomplishments is to bring together past and future, tailor-made production and internationalisation, craftsmanship and advanced technological sophistication.

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From the archives: P40

Referred to as the cradle of good ideas, P40 is the chaise longue par excellence. P40 boasts a strong aesthetic styling and welcoming shapes, concealing a unique mechanism – which makes it adjustable and even completely reversible - in its strikingly simple yet stylish silhouettes. Versatile, functional, with a strong personality, P40 is capable of distinguishing any setting.

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From the archives: NOMOS

A design which changed our way of thinking about the object that is the table forever. Nomos is the pioneer of all shared structure systems and a recognised icon of industrial design.

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