TClub is Adi Design Index

Tclub has been selected for the annual ADI Design Index publication, in the “Services design” category: the Italian Industrial Design Association has recognized the impressive innovative component expressed by this collective and shared project, a forum for networking and an opportunity to meet up and build community spirit, as well as offering a new way of communicating the company’s expertise and presenting products.

ADI Design Index 2021 is the second stage of the journey leading up to the Compasso d’Oro 2022 whereby TClub was picked among the more than 200 products and services, split up into their respective categories. The 2021 edition is distinguished for heralding three key words which take on a specific meaning for design:  people, planet and prosperity understood as an invitation to encourage technological integration. 

TClub is the open hub where the Tecno community of architects, designers, engineers and developers can work - either individually or in teams -, meet up - remotely or in-person -, and swap ideas to design the future ahead, together. A veritable coworking venue, which tells the story of how work has evolved within a constantly changing world, where analogue and digital come together thanks to the culture of good design and technological innovation. Settings expressing flexibility, customization and concurrently genuine identifying habitats which offer an experience of wellness, comfort and beauty.

TClub Future Work
Piazza XXV Aprile 11, Milan

TClub ADI Design Index 2021
ADI Design Museum 
Piazza Compasso d'Oro 1 Milan
Entrance from Via Ceresio 7

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