Cosmos table

The ultimate furniture system for fluid, sustainable and connected interior designs.


Cosmos is a modular furniture system that opens up to endless connections and layouts: single desks, meeting tables, shared workstations and equipped bookcases, all freelyconfigurable and combinable with one another while offering the possibility of includingwiring, screens, extensions and lighting.

The design feature is the use of the least amount of material possible. For this purpose, aninnovative structural concept has been developed: a slender, iconic and elegant solutionaccommodating all the needs of cross-functional environments which require a fluid use ofthe space. From a single and domestic table to a system of solutions including shelving units,the design enhances the system’s utility and adaptability across different environments anduses – from the workplace to executive areas, from universities and libraries to hotels.




The inspiration to stretch the structural potential of metalsand composites was the slender profile of road racing bicycle frames and theattenuated forms of high performance sailplanes. Through a process of 3D modelling,structural software and 5-Axis CNC machining, the system has been refined inrecyclable aluminium to reach maximum slenderness, load bearing capacity andlightness.



The aesthetic of Cosmos grows out of the outstanding strengthof the spine with its cluster of four ellipses that branch, like a tree into the legs and topsupports. Following the maxim of ‘doing more with less’ the system is typified by theminimum number of components; each one of which is homed to its most slenderprofile.



Cosmos is a family of interchangeable components. Theseallow the spine to grow and double up, providing an instinctive range of variations. Atthe small scale the table is ideal for domestic or executive spaces, with its wider range of elements, which are easily added or removed. The system can be tuned forlarge scale installations in the workplace - from office and studios to high industry.