T1 T2


ABV Collection

The T1 and T2 complementary tables were originally designed by Osvaldo Borsani between 1949 and 1950. 

Though Borsani himself made frequent use of them in his interior designs, they never officially entered production. In 1991 they were selected by Valeria Borsani for inclusion in the ABV Collection. With new finishes, they are still found in the Tecno catalogue today.

The T1 table is 45 centimetres high and has a chrome plated steel structure with a characteristic ball at half height. The top is 26 cm in diameter and made from ultra-clear tempered glass, back-painted in a range of colours including white, orange, red, kiwi green and dark grey.

The T2 table is 62 centimetres high and features a top of 40 cm in diameter made from wood finished in gloss dark grey lacquer supported by a structure in dark grey painted steel with a white painted base.