ABV Collection

Fully reversible cult sofa with movable wings.


Beautiful, comfortable and absolutely new, it is a unique object distinguished by the characteristic mechanism that allows different opening angles between seat and backrest, up to complete reversibility. It is inimitable in functionality, extraordinarily harmonious in form and extremely comfortable, perfect in domestic settings but also in waiting areas, lounges and private offices.

D70 is the original movable-wing sofa distinguished by the cult mechanism that allows a wide range of positions between seat and backrest, up to complete reversibility of one another. The series of adjustable movements go from fully closed to fully opened, converting the sofa in a bed. 

Triennale D70 Diploma of Honour, 1954




An iconic object in aesthetics and irresistible in comfort. The structure thus designed is not only beautiful for the harmony of its shape and statics, but extremely comfortable for the adaptability of its soft parts to the body.


Technological mechanism

The opening mechanism consists of a lever with a securing pin that engages with holes in a graduated plate. The mechanism is operated effortlessly by a practical knob and allows the backrest and seat to assume any angle and to fold down to form a bed.



The project arose from a precise request from a private customer: on the one hand to enjoy the view from the window and on the other to laze in front of the fireplace in the evening. This gave rise to the 'patented sofa-bed' presented at the Exhibition of individual furniture items in the 10th Triennale Exhibition in 1954. Patent Drawing, Patent Office USA, n2.771.124, 20 November 1956