Partition slender and essential, with a three-dimensional effect.


A very high level of structural and acoustic performance enclosed in a light, minimalist appeal. The versatile and flexible solution is particularly suitable for defining corridors, reception areas or meeting rooms within small, medium or large projects.

W40 is a single-glazed partition wall with a total thickness of 50 mm / 2", which can accommodate glass in three positions: external offset, internal offset or central. In addition to the standard, many other glasses area available on request: extra-clear, acid-etched or screen-printed in various colors, with translucent colored PVB, LCD or with internal fabric.



From W80 to W40

The complete possibility of integration with the W80 partition system - as they share the same internal technology – allows to achieve the perfect continuity or differentiation between the two partitions, as desider. W40 is on a par with W80 in terms of easy assembly, great acoustic and structural performance levels, differing only in its slimness. 


Three-dimensional aesthetics

The glass panels can be positioned internally or externally flush or centered to the profile and, with the dedicated upright, it is possible to position the glass with different alignments along the track, creating movement and three-dimensional effect.