Cutting-edge seating systems converting high-traffic areas in hybrid spaces with different functions. 


The seating system provides a solution to the need for connected and accessorised waiting areas that can double up as temporary work spaces. To allow the functionality required by the many electronic devices that passengers carry with themselves, it offers electrical wiring and USB solutions built into the structure. 
RS2 is the updated and complementing collection of RS including accessories like lamps, stools and free-standing tables with electric power sockets to complete the product range and create a temporary office in public areas. The introduction of polyurethane gives a highly pleasing effect and unique aesthetic while ensuring high resistance. The collection is perfectly suitable for both indoors and outdoors 



The best support

The ergonomic seat and backrest with lumbar support help the body assume a correct posture and ensure comfort even during long waits. The depth and height of the seats are designed to assist users with reduced mobility.


Wait and work

The seating system collection is a fully fledged extension of the office answering to the increasing demand for waiting areas equipped for long stays in which passengers can also work and be connected.