Tecno has a long and successful history of supplying furniture for high traffic waiting areas and is perfectly familiar with the needs of environments in which users come and goin relatively short times.

With these needs in mind, Tecno has always developed products that are wear resistant, easy to maintain, highly configurable, customisable to specificrequirements and designs and, last but not least, with the high style content that users have come to expect from Tecno.

After many years of participation in prestigious international projects with the highly successful RS range, in 2012 Tecno introduced a logical step forward in the form of theinnovative RS2 range. Waiting rooms are rapidly turning into temporary work places and seating needs to permit full functionality from the many electronic devices that the travelling public now carry. The RS2 seating range responds to the latest needs and even incorporates advanced power and USB cabling solutions. On top of this, complementary accessories like lamps, perches and cabled free-standing tables turn the RS2 product range into an effective temporary office.

To satisfy the needs of regular users, the seating is designed to ensure maximum comfort even for long waiting periods. Ergonomically shaped seats and backrests with lumbarsupport help the body assume a correct posture and avoid the formation of pressure points. Seat depth and height has been carefully chosen to facilitate use even by differentlyabled persons. The materials from which the RS2 range is made contribute to its attractive appearance. Self-skinning polyurethane, for example, is a striking and extremely wear resistant newmaterial that is ideal for outdoor applications.