The RS seating system provides the perfect solution for all large waiting areas. It is especially suited to railway stations; the intended application of the original design created by Jean-Marie Duthilleul in conjunction with AREP.

The product’s versatility and its availability in choice of finishes offering different images, led to it becoming an instant success and finding deployment as street furniture and as seating in spaces like airports, underground railway interchanges and bus and tram stations.

RS is a modular system of individual seats that can be combined and assembled on bars to form groups of two to five chairs. The bases, connecting mechanisms and armrests are made in die-cast aluminium. The seats themselves come in various finishes including aluminium with wood slats, steel, teak, wenge and black leather.

Like the bases, the extruded bar that supports the seats is specially treated for strength and resistance to vandalism. The RS collection also includes accessory tables in two colours of back-painted glass or in black laminate and a continuous bench made from wood slats, with or without backrest. The result is an extremely flexible seating system that is ideal for use indoors and out.