The organic workstation system, designed to give new shape to space.


A generator of spaces: desks to work individually or reflect, collective areas to share knowledge and stimulate teamwork, tables to organize formal meetings, but also quick supports for informal gatherings or to enjoy a lunch or coffee break. The system, with its pure, functional yet visually light aesthetics, is characterized by a dynamic and slender design thanks to its soft and organic details finely studied.

Beta is based on 3 components: backbone, desks and accessories, which together create infinite possibilities of configuration and usability, introducing a contemporary approach to space and with a wide range of customization to be designed by project. In the perspective of continuous evolution, light meeting solutions and rectangular free-standing workstations stand out, implementing a horizontal and highly collaborative organization. 

Red Dot Design Award beta, 2010
US Award beta, 2010
Good Design Award beta, 2010



The worktop, for working and sharing

Enabling individual and collective activities, workstations are like platforms divided in two main areas: central area for working concentrated and the side to welcome small meeting and sharing, which enable individual and collective activities. In the semi-evolved and evolved versions in lacquer, the border of the desktop is beveled to ensure proper support to the forearm and improve comfort. 


Connection and electricity in the backbone infrastructure

Being a container, display and support for accessories with integrated cable routing, the backbone allows Beta to grow without limits relative to the size of the space, acting as the infrastructure which handles technological connections, thus doing away with the need for cavity ceilings and computer floors.


Fast and easy installation

The base of the backbone which is separated from the central body; has been designed to facilitate tracing out the layout, verifying the division of space and laying out tech systems in advance, as well as simplifying levelling and assembly. This innovative assembly/disassembly system simplifies installation and greatly reduces costs.