ING Bank

A polyvalent space organised according to principles of simplicity, transparency, accessibility and innovation. The layout, designed with the Beta system of desks, gives new form to the space and adapts to the needs of both teams and individuals.

When the ING banking group in a Milan decided to introduce smart working and learning organisation methods into its offices, the architects in charge of the project faced the challenge of designing a space in which work, growth and discussion could exist side by side.

The operational plans were drawn up using the smart office concept: open, flexible and always interconnected spaces, in which the conventional logic of individually assigned desks has been abandoned to enable all staff to work at any location in complete autonomy. 

The Contact Center has chosen the Beta desk system for its ability to create adaptive and adaptable spaces in which work surfaces are platforms for a variety of different tasks, both individual or collective, for single users and teams.

As in all open office projects, privacy and acoustics are key concerns, and here too the Beta system has the answer, with its ability to create interconnected work islands which respect each others' need for space and quiet.

Orange, blue and white, the traditional colours of the corporate logo, dominate the scenario, with the white of Beta giving light to the entire composition. The result is an efficient, functional, user-oriented workplace which can be evolved and upgraded as desired.

Italy, Milan

Ing Bank