The executive collection classic, rich and sophisticated, enhanced by the use of handcrafted solid wood.


The collection reconciles what seems irreconcilable. The two paths of design, classic and modern, come together in an evocative aesthetic that conveys a sophisticated effect of importance and prestige, enhanced by the use of solid wood crafted by hand, with the rigor and industrial technique that does not renounce to essential shapes and technologies for modern executive and managerial rooms. The industrial approach, for a serial production, merges with the emotion of an object designed to be unique and freely customizable in terms of dimensions, finishes and integrated accessories.

Ianus is a collection for executive offices: desks, side tops, meeting tables and large solutions for board rooms, drawer and storage units, bookcases and boiserie. From the rectangular top with open or paneled trestle base, to the elliptical top for large meetings with open or closed base, to the square base with square or circular top, the solutions are combined with a wide choice of finishes and dimensions, which can also be customized to fit perfectly the interior design.




The characteristic mark is the shaped solid wood frame, in which the tops are embedded, which runs recurrently throughout the collection. The aesthetic balance, between 'rationalist' culture - with clear references to Asplund and nordic approach - and the formal memory of centuries of European Architecture, is expressed in the clarity of the square grid that design the furniture according to a constructive harmony typical of classical buildings.



Materials such as wood, leather, lacquer, polished metal and marble enrich the touch feeling and the perception of the object. Surfaces that welcome years coming along and preserve their memory. The aesthetics that is not afraid of time passing and it is able to evolve with it, also with the fine grain of wood embedding the patient work of nature's aesthetic sense.



Extremely discreet, it is possible to technologically accessories the tables with mechanisms, technological equipment, electrical sockets and accessories without renouncing rounded shapes and precious details, even with fully concealed audio-video solutions.



“Ianus, the God of renewal, has two faces, one looking to oncoming events, and the other looking to the past. Actually, every new fact roots back into the “past”. Avant-garde approach and formal research stay in his field of vision as different opportunities. Most straightforwardly, Ianus puts aside age-old controversies and asks a piece of forniture to be what it is: not just a theory.”