Nomos workstation

The table which changed the way of thinking about the object of the table forever.


A pioneer of the shared structure system and a recognized icon of industrial design, the system is a set of precision structures with unlimited flexibility and modularity. The zoomorphic appearance and technological materials convey a unique and unrepeatable aesthetic power, creating incredibly striking spaces, in offices as well as in home environments.

Nomos is an extremely solid, versatile and modular system that creates individual or shared workstations, individual tables, meeting solutions, to the large board-rooms tables made-to-measure. Screens, concealed electrification and front office solutions complete the range, while the equipped shelf system vertically organizes the space as an ideal container for objects and functions.

Compasso d'Oro Nomos design Foster & Partners, 1987



Zoomorphic aesthetic

The basic concept is simple: a surface rests on a structure with a central backbone, analogous to the structure of vertebra and ribs of the human body. Nomos is conceived as a solid skeleton with a zoomorphic aesthetic that starts with the tubular metal frame, to which legs, feet, supports, worktops, superstructures, and screens are added.


Metal-to-metal connection

Versatile and extremely durable, the numerous accessories characterize the system by customizing it and increasing its performance. The modular metal-to-metal connection of elements assures longer service life and total scrapping at the end of its life cycle. 


Like the LEM landed on the Moon

A declined platform, supported by feet modeled like those of the LEM, the lunar module that in 1969 landed on the Moon. In the table versions, it is possible to adjust the height of the top in two positions, 72 cm and 65 cm, simply by assembling the feet with or without spacer.From the archives



A table for working, reading, talking, discussing, dining, and playing. Altogether, the system solves all functions with a single structural concept, while the cables run in a flexible staple skeleton that allows easy accessibility to electrified outlets.


Nomos is

“The recognition of a need that becomes a project. […] We do not have, in our languages, such a rich term to indicate together order and spontaneity, rigor and imagination, rule and creativity. So Tecno and Norman Foster Associates have evoked for their work this ancient word, Nomos."


io.T Technology

The intelligence of io.T.  digitizes environments and services by making them connected, customizable and manageable via app or software, according to the user's needs and based on the organization's policies. It is thus possible to reserve workstations or meeting rooms, as well as manage the environmental microsystem, to optimize maintenance and consumption based on actual occupancy.

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