Serie 148

An armchair in which form, function and ease of use come together.


It is the archetype of the fully upholstered armchair. The collection stands out for its essentiality, blending perfectly with home, work and reception environments, whether extremely minimalist or characterized in the aesthetic.

The 148 Series consists of the taller, upholstered S148 armchair for dining tables or meeting rooms, and the lower, more enveloping PS148 armchair for lounges, waiting areas or conversation.




The ideal complement for work, meeting and conversation, the small armchairs stand out for their integrability and combinability. An upholstered monobloc that can enrich any room with full color or stand alongside in a neutral and discreet manner.

TE_05_Serie 148_01(0)


Conceived on the principle of upholstered panels assembled orthogonally, the simplicity and correct proportions of this armchair model make it an ever-modern solution, unafraid of the passage of time and trends.



The ergonomic is designed to outline the characteristic curve that makes up the backrest and seat, enclosed in vertical panels that act as both armrest and base. The outcome is a perfectly proportionate, essential and geometric solution, with castors completely concealed within the base.