ABV Collection

The armchair par excellence: soft, cosy and colloquial.


The innovative combination of seat inclination and characteristic freedom of movement, with automatic return-to-position, made the armchair perfect for rest and conversation in its day - and still does today. It is the ideal choice for both home - for which it was created - and office environments, as well as lounges and reception areas, to accommodate with maximum comfort while ensuring that the environment is always tidy and iconic, as soon as people get up.

P32 is a swivel armchair, with automatic return and tilting backrest mechanism.



Iconic yet contemporary

The elegant seat is iconic in aesthetic thanks to its organic and yet minimal shape: armrests and backrest merge together in a welcoming and human-designed soft shell which is supported on light and delicate metal rod legs, for a suspended feeling.


Unique and welcoming

The timeless aesthetic attract attention and makes P32 eye-catching element of every interior. The armchair is chosen for creating rooms with the highest level of beauty and elegance, together with top quality and comfort for a unique welcoming effect. 


Automatic return invention

From Domus magazine - “Nuova poltrona per la serie”, no. 342, May 1958 - we learn that the P32 mechanism, which automatically brings the chair back to the pre-set position, was conceived for maintaining tidy and elegant the space after the people get up. Right after the mechanism became a cult and it was applied for a patent as a “swivel armchair with an adjustable spring-loaded, front-hinged back”.Patent no. 70941 issued on 5 January 1959.