On the bank of the historic Murano canal, the authentic temple of luxury Barovier&Toso celebrates light and its infinite facets, amid innovation and tradition, art and design.

Destined to celebrate the heritage of over seven hundred years of passion and craftsmanship, the building marries the excellence and exclusivity of its lamps with luminous furnishings to create heterogeneous and yet eclectic settings with an emotional, evocative atmosphere. 

The heart of the building is the blue room, in which the furnishings and products like the T335 and the S142 velvet armchairs combine with the tone-on-tone setting to create monochromatic rooms which perfectly represent its prestige. 

The historic value of the building is made contemporary, lending light and charisma to its rooms. The sinuous curves of the large meeting table add a touch of sophistication to the space, to host a welcoming meeting on the armchairs, combining the soft comfort of the materials with graphic forms of identification.

Murano, Italy