W80 equipped


A project developed by the Centro Progetti Tecno in collaboration with architect Daniele Del Missier and Elliot Engineering & Consulting, W80 is the latest result of Tecno's constant research into the evolution of partition wall systems.

The result is a modern partition wall that satisfies all possible structural, acoustic, equipment and flexibility needs and can be customised to suit any space, providing a comprehensive response to all the needs of modern design and the complexity of large building projects.

Frame immateriality, glazing and panels that appear to be suspended, a large variety of materials that can be used (glass, wood, metal, fabric, drywall), strong technological contents protected by 5 patents, refinement and care of details and easy to install, all this makes W80 a partition absolutely innovative and pioneering, in the purest Tecno tradition.

Red Dot Design Award W80, 2015