The partitions wall light, simple and elegant. 


Single glazed partition wall designed according to principles of extremely simple management, maximum speed of assembly and minimised quantity of components. The patent pending “Cric” (levelling element) is the technological core of the product that work as both a seat for the glass and permits mechanical adjustment with the utmost precision, capable of compensating any floor to ceiling range by up to 23 mm / 7/8" and of perfectly levelling the glazing once installed. 
WE is a single glazed partition wall, available also in the industrial version, answering to small, medium and large projects which demand fast reconfiguration of interiors and easy redistribution of spaces. 



Freedom of design

The partition wall system is comprised of individual modules that can be made to measure. The absence of predefined width or height dimensions makes it possible to adapt the system freely, based on the needs of the project with the utmost freedom of design. 


Wide range of solutions

On request, a variety of glass panels are available, including extra-clear, etched or screen-printed in various colours, with translucent coloured internal PVB, LCD or internal fabric. The glass panels are united vertically by narrow transparent polycarbonate profile members which may be in-line or 2-/3-way for a discreet transition between sections. 


Industrial feeling

The industrial version stands out for the presence of horizontal slats flush with the vertical posts. The horizontal stringers are positioned using concealed attachments onto the vertical posts in a dedicated slot for the insertion of the attachment pin. The system therefore makes it possible to attach and detach the slats at any time, and to reposition them as needed.