Archipelago D502 is a system of upholstered seats designed by Monica Förster Design Studio for Tecno.

This landscape of small islands can be clustered or attached in groups or located separately. Multiple configurations can therefore be created to respond to the needs of various types of environment: domestic, office or lounge.

The Archipelago D502 system comprises individual armchairs in three different sizes (small, medium, large), a to-seater sofa and a three seater sofa. All the seats share a common height of 76 cm. Upholstery can be in fabric or leather. The system is completed by three coffee tables, also of different heights (low, medium and high). These can attach to the base of the chairs and can be arranged in side-by-side or overlapping layouts.

The tables can be lacquer finished in matt white, dark grey, orange or green, or finished in light, medium and dark oak with grey or dark brown sides.

All the elements in the series can be attached one to the other or located side-byside to create organic, asymmetric forms or regular, classic compositions.