Pons sofa


The sofa and tables with infinite modularity for flexible lounges. 


Pons works as a seating system, it means virtually an infinite series of structure can be positioned next to one another making it possible to combine freely any layout with an unlimited number of seats. Being characterized by modularity, easy assembly and extreme flexibility, all of this combined with the highest level of comfort, it allows the sofas to suite any setting in communal spaces, welcome areas, airport lounges and executive settings, even adapting to easy and quick reconfiguration along time. 
From one to infinite seats, with or without armrests, high and low backrest, single or back-to-back, tables and shared leg, all the elements play together solving any interior design requirement.



Infinite sofa

The system is beam based, it means that any element can be easily combined side-by-side one to each other with the option to use the shared leg for an endless sofa length and infinite personal design solutions. 


The utmost comfort

The high level of ergonomic and the softness welcome people at best not only in short but also in the longest stay. This is obtained with different densities of padding designed for Pons being greatly comfortable for domestic settings too.