Sidi Piccolo

Technological development and digitization launch the organizational evolution for brand new space planning.


The food and beverage industry enters the platform era and the Sidi Piccolo distribution firm reorganizes its offices with Beta, a network workstation system designed to accommodate a variety of needs, both collective and individual. In the 2-4-6 seater bench version, they furnish all the operational areas with sound-absorbent screens supplied to ensure greater privacy and confidentiality.

The desire for transparency in relations with customers, colleagues and managers led to the creation of clear, bright and neat settings which are concurrently divided up and given a certain pace thanks to WE partitions alternating with WA cabinets. The introduction of these elements makes it possible to redistribute and join together offices dedicated to product development, marketing areas and the reception, breaking down the structural appearance and making the whole space look elegant yet simple to manage.

In the executive areas and meeting areas, where business needs to remain strictly confidential, the W80 partitions stand out both for their immaterial aesthetic appearance and for the superior acoustic standards and outstanding technical and structural performance levels offered. In these settings, the Asymmetrical meeting and executive tables play host to major decision-making on their medium oak wooden table tops.

Situated prevalently in the province of Naples and Salerno, a comprehensive project which covers an extensive surface area of 2000 m2 with the supply of furniture from the collection and purpose-devised solutions.

Italy, Naples

Sidi Piccolo


Photo credit
Serena Eller Vainicher