The Office From The Future

What kind of change are we experiencing and how will design respond to this?
The future is not a place in Time, but an attitude in space.


Discover the spaces of the future


Shared Space.

A space in which to spend time together, exchange ideas and enrich one’s visions. A place that welcomes nomadic people, remote working and moments of collective participation.


Explore Linea:

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Flexible Space

A work space that continuously transforms thanks to organizational, technological and logistic upgrades. An intimate and practical place comprising tools that focus the mind on new processes, accelerated by technology.


Explore Clavis:

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Instant Space

An independent plug-and-play work space, ultra-accessorized with built-in automation systems. A place that is a network of modular areas to be used immediately in any setting, with no need for any structural intervention.


Explore WQube:

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Identifying Space

A space in which one wants to spend time not only because it is attractive but because it represents an identity. A place we can call the future and in which we feel at home, with the added value of unique heritage.


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