ABV Collection

The Détabilisation table is one of the objects created for the ABV Collection announced by Valeria Borsani in 1991 in commemoration of Osvaldo Borsani, and dedicated to the historical relationship of intercultural exchange between Tecno as a company and art and artists.

The geometrically deconstructed base and extra-thin top of this minimalist design make it a key element in whatever space it occupies,whether prestige managerial office or refined dining room.The creators of the Détabilisation n. 1 and n. 2 tables are François and Frédéric Morellet. 

These two eclectic French artists and exponents of minimalist and conceptual art have played a major role in the field of geometric abstractionism and visual art. Along with eight other artists, they were invited to design a contribution to the ABV Collection.Like other works by the couple, Détabilisation stems from a quest into the vast field of geometric and mathematical forms. The results of that quest are embodied in the base of the table, which assumes the form of a three dimensional cube that seemsabout to topple. 

The rigorous, slender and seemingly “unstable” structure is made from black painted cast aluminium tube (20 x 20 mm) (on the inside), and from satin finished stainless steel (on the outside). It supports a tempered, clear glass top only 15 mm thick. The table comes in two versions: the square Détabilisation n. 1 (130 x 130 cm), and the rectangular n. 2 (280 x 120 cm), both 72 cm high.