A seating family with a simple and elegant design, yet a responsive comfort.


A classic and iconic object that strikes a perfect balance between customized comfort and extreme aesthetic synthesis, without any visible mechanism. The sophisticated responsive system, located in the body of the seat, allows the posture to be automatically adjusted according to the user's weight. Ideal for office and soft contract spaces where each user immediately finds the perfect support, even in meeting or shared situations. Slender, light and slim, the seat is extremely elegant and distinctive, to fit into high-level executive offices, representative meeting rooms as well as harmoniously furnishing home-office environments. 

Vela is a family of chairs available in a wide range of models: sled, cantilever, 4 wooden legs, 4 spokes fixed on castors or self-returning with feet, 5 swivel spokes on castors with height adjustment. In the conference and executive chairs the armrest can be upholstered or in aluminum, in the same finish as the base, while the entire collection can be offered in a wide range of colors to create high-impact accents or form thematic groups.

ADI Compasso d'Oro Vela, 2016



Responsive mechanism

The height adjustment and responsive mechanisms are concealed within the shell, avoiding any superfluous external elements for a sophisticated aesthetic. The seat has a uniform backrest recline movement of 18° with possible locking in 3 positions, designed for maximum comfort. 


Ergonomics and aesthetics

Thanks to its technical functionalities and careful ergonomic study, the seat remains comfortable even for prolonged use during the day, without renouncing an extremely light and discreet design, making it the ideal choice also for studies and domestic spaces.


Classic and elegant

With a classical and elegant, the seat remains a distinctive and characterizing element in the space. The spoked structure has been conceived by exasperating metalworking technology: conical, cold-formed steel tubes with variable cross-sections are transformed into light and elegant bases that are slender in appearance but ultra-resistant.