Instantly usable in multiple combinations, from organic shapes to more traditional compositions, it meets various needs: from offices to waiting rooms, airports, lounges or common spaces in public areas till domestic environments.   

Archipelago is an upholstery system consisting of armchairs small, medium and large, 2 or 3 seater sofa and a series of coffee tables in two different dimensions and three different heights, with possibility to overlap one another. 




Each system component is uniquely shaped and fine detailed, this makes it work as a single and organic piece able to be great protagonist wherever it is positioned.



A network of single islands that can be sided together or attached in groups, designing organic layout for a free and unexpected approach to the seating areas. The chain of islands effect can be boosted by combining different finishes and colors.



The collection is completed by a series of small tables, which can be positioned free-standing or anchored to the base of the seats. Available in three heights – low, medium, and high – and two sizes – large and small – the tables are all freely combinable with each other in a play of overlaps and side-by-side.