ABV Collection

The armchair par excellence: soft, cosy and colloquial.


The innovative combination of seat inclination and characteristic freedom of movement, with automatic return-to-position, made the armchair perfect for rest and conversation in its day - and still does today. It is the ideal choice for both home - for which it was created - and office environments, as well as lounges and reception areas, to accommodate with maximum comfort while ensuring that the environment is always tidy and iconic, as soon as people get up.

P32 is a swivel armchair, with automatic return and tilting backrest mechanism.




Formal beauty combined with the highest level of comfort make the armchair perfect for the home environment, but also highly requested in receptions, lounge areas, and executive offices, which require a high level of aesthetics. Nowadays yielding to the P32's charm are public spaces and airports, places now increasingly influenced by hybrid aesthetics derived from domestic environments.



The structure is in steel tube with reinforcement ties while the padding is in flexible polyurethane, finely designed so that the armrest is perfectly integrated and continuous with the shape of the backrest. 



Designed by Osvaldo Borsani in 1956, the armchair features an innovative combination of seat movements that raised it as industrial invention patent. Not only does the armchair incorporate a comfortable backrest tilt mechanism, but it is able to rotate freely, automatically returning to its original position.