Pons sofa

The seating and table system with infinite modularity.


For reception, meeting, rest and relaxation, the system has an elegant technological aesthetic, carefully balanced in proportions, creating a versatile and freely configurable platform. Modularity, essentiality, and superior comfort make the seating ideal in executive environments, airport lounges, reception areas, and even residential spaces, thanks to the highest level of upholstery.

Pons is a beam-based sofa system in which each module can be freely equipped with table, pouff, seat, medium or high backrest, with or without armrests. The extreme possibility of customized configuration, with shared legs to multiply the length, creates endless in-line or back-to-back compositions.




The high ergonomics and softness accommodate the shortest but also the longest waits. The padding, in differentiated density, is designed to be extremely comfortable and guarantee the right balance between softness and weight resistance, for unique comfort support.



The extreme ease of assembly of the beam system and the possibility of sharing the leg, between two beams, makes it possible to create a sofa of potentially infinite length with various design solutions, adapting to the requirements of the most complex layouts.



The system is composed of different options of elements that can be freely positioned in a completely modular way. This create, on the same beam, a rhythm of seats, backrests, pouffs and small tables. A versatility that allows maximum freedom of choice, guaranteeing the possibility of reconfiguration over time.