The thinnest folding chair, a minimal solution for different tasks - single or in a row. 


Particularly slender and essential the folding chair design makes it great both as a single piece or in conference rooms. The aesthetic effect is a perfectly continuous wave that can pop-up immediately by converting whichever room in a conference room with a light, minimal and high-quality effect. An easy and fast solution that can disappear whenever needed, with the minimum occupation in the warehouse. 
P08 seat fits in a space of just 9 cm / 3 1/2 " once closed and up to 6 chairs can be hung on the wall using the dedicated accessory hooks. 




The chair is conceived to reach the thinnest solution once the chair is closed while being laid out quickly and easily. The characteristic profile aesthetically works greatly if positioned side-by-side, for an almost infinite number of seats to be positioned.