Aeris io.T


The iconic star-shaped beam-based seating system for smart airports. 


The first smart bar-based benches are capable of collecting data and exchanging information in real-time for new, evolved airport management. The seating system is designed for the essential requirements of all airports: ergonomic comfort, tech compatibility, customization, flexibility and adaptability. The ease of assembly the individual elements gives freedom in composing each segment of the bench, generating endless solutions that can be reconfigured as required. 
Aeris is available in polyurethane, perforated sheet metal or wood, or with a fabric or leather covering and each single beam can have up to six slots freely configurable with seats, backless seats, chaise longue and tables. The legs and armrests – in two heights - have been designed to ensure the highest possible level of resistance and solidity while at the same time conveying a sense of lightness, both can be finished fully painted od painted with polished external surface.



App Dina – Connecting Spaces

The integration of io.T – The Intelligence of Tecno technology means it is possible to create a seat capable of collecting and sending real-time information useful to the optimisation of the airport manager’s activities thanks to Dina Connecting Spaces platform. 

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The iconic star shape

The iconic star shape of the structural bar is the functional core of the system as well as an aesthetic element that characterises it: the legs and armrests have been designed to provide the highest degree of strength and solidity, together with the utmost lightness in terms of aesthetic styling. The one-piece seat design lends the entire composition drive and dynamism.    


IO.T The Intelligence of Tecno

A series of sensors, inserted into the body of the seat, transmits data regarding the presence and duration of occupation, allowing high-traffic areas to be monitored, maintenance plans and space layouts to be optimised, and dedicated areas or special seated areas to be identified. 

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