Clavis io.T


The changes in work methods today require that objects and their surrounding environment be connected. The Clavis system makes it possible to integrate io.T - The Intelligence of Tecno – to give rise to sophisticated, interconnected settings.

Sensors incorporated into the work surfaces activate functions designed for the user and send information in real-time to allow outstanding resource and service management. Personnel recognition, workstation or meeting room bookings, as well as managing the environmental micro system are just some of the functions that can be activated thanks to io.T. 

The interconnected furnishings interface with the Dina management system to collect and analyse in real-time the workstation usage data, making it possible to plan maintenance, optimise resources, control accesses and modify the layouts based on the actual occupation requirements. io.T technology can be incorporated both in the workstations and in meeting tables, and support various functions devised according to the customer’s needs and the building organisation.

In addition to its own digital application, Clavis also addresses the issue of flexibility from a physical perspective. Thanks to a single quick fitting, the system of tables can be put together and reconfigured simply, quickly and "tool free" thereby accommodating the needs of workplaces that are constantly undergoing structural, dimensional, type-related or professional renovations.