Dina App

Dina is the software for the line of io.T products devised to monitor, manage and remote control them, by receiving and analysing in real-time the data collected by the sensors incorporated into the smart furnishings.

The multi-protocol software is designed to recognise and control lights, curtains, air conditioning, audio and video systems without any integration and expansion limits.

Dina today is used in large offices, in co-working concerns, in the hospitality industry and in airports.



A Service For The User

Dina is a booking platform and a customised profiling system that turns the user into a recognised person. The system links the person and their requirements to the location and workstation in use, activating the functions provided in the building thanks to the incorporation of sensors into the io.T furnishings.

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A Service For The Facility Manager

For the Facility Manager’s benefit, Dina packs into a single interface all the data collected in real-time by the smart furnishings and by the building's home automation system, allowing the analysis of their usage, the planning of maintenance, the optimisation of resources, the control of accesses and the modification of layouts depending on the occupation requirements. 

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