Locker IO.T

Linea lockers are continually reconfigurable and can be controlled by App.


The lockers are controlled through the Sintesi app by IO.T Solutions, you can book and open them by simply scanning a QR-Code.  In the office they represent a completely safe personal space and can even be used as an internal postal service, where the administrator delivers an item to the locker and the user is informed with an email containing the access password. 

Inside Sintesi ecosystem the app allows you to manage Unica, the workstation designed to give you everything you need to work from home or relax with your favorite content.



Micro-architectural system

The lockers are created with the Linea micro-architectural system. Modular and continually reconfigurable, they  are designed to adapt to the needs and layout of your surroundings. Thanks to their simple and constructive form, the lockers can be combined to create ever-changing solutions.


SINTESI – The work+life ecosystem

Sintesi is the ultimate solution by Tecno and Olivetti and powered by IOTSolutions that makes work, whether from home or in the office, a fluid and integrated experience that respects people’s well-being. Unica is the revolutionary workstation designed to make working from home work best for you. Vela, thanks to IO.T integrated seats with sensors, reminders and guarantee the right ergonomics and correct movement.All is made possible through the app by IO.T Solutions: a software platform capable of digitizing buildings, surroundings and furnishings to make them easily usable and controllable.

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