Unica is the revolutionary workstation designed to make working from home work best for you. 


Compact and minimal when closed, it opens up with a motorized mechanism activated through the app by IO.T Solutions, revealing your work  top and monitor that, thanks to a high refresh rate, doesn’t tire your eyes. Unica also includes a keyboard with an integrated mouse pad, a multimedia kit for video conferencing and cables and ports to connect your PC and devices. 

In the Sintesi ecosystem, Unica is ideal for working from home together with Vela.



Independent, safe and speed

The connection on the TIM network is independent, safe and with speeds of up to 5G, allowing you to work without using your home connection. You can move Unica from one room to another without having to turn it off, thanks to the integrated emergency battery of up to 15 minutes. In fact, you always have the necessary power supply and don’t need to worry even in the event of a blackout or a voltage drop.


Lighting comfort

The station includes a work light that changes its temperature according to your activities and an ambient light that adapts to different times of the day following the natural cycle.


SINTESI – The work+life ecosystem

Sintesi is the ultimate solution by Tecno and Olivetti and powered by IOTSolutions that makes work, whether from home or in the office, a fluid and integrated experience that respects people’s well-being. Unica is the revolutionary workstation designed to make working from home work best for you. Vela, thanks to IO.T integrated seats with sensors, reminders and guarantee the right ergonomics and correct movement.All is made possible through the app by IO.T Solutions: a software platform capable of digitizing buildings, surroundings and furnishings to make them easily usable and controllable.

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