Video Conferances


Interactive meeting rooms for a new forms of collaboration which combine work in presence and remotely.

The io.T video conference module is designed to manage multi-location presentations and meetings thanks to an interactive board capable of behaving like a genuine PC rather than linking up in real-time in order to project and modify wireless data, documents or pictures directly from devices, including smartphones and tablets.

The 50’’ monitor, like the related wiring and audio/video support, are discretely concealed inside the W80 partition wall and in just 8 cm of space, guaranteeing a high-impact aesthetic finish and retaining the inspectionable characteristics of the wall.



IO.T The Intelligence of Tecno

io.T - The Intelligence of Tecno constitutes the first system of furnishings interconnected with the environment which - thanks to invisible sensors incorporated into the product -  can activate functions useful to the user and send information in real-time to allow resource optimisation, access control and outstanding space management. Personnel recognition, workstation or meeting room bookings, as well as managing the environmental micro system, by adjusting the lights, temperature and height of the work surface, are just some of the functions that can be activated thanks to io.T

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App Dina – Connecting Spaces

Gli elementi interconnessi si interfacciano con il sistema di gestione Dina – Connecting Spaces di IO.T Solutions che permette di raccogliere e analizzare in tempo reale i dati di utilizzo consentendo di programmarne le manutenzioni, ottimizzare le risorse, controllare gli accessi e modificare i layout in base alle reali esigenze di occupazione. 

Scopri Dina – Connecting Spaces


Powered By Io.T Solutions

io.T technology is powered by IO.T Solutions and it can be incorporated both in operating workstations as well as in meeting tables, lokers and support various functions devised according to the customer’s needs and the building organisation.

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